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Tarmac Repair

can repair and restore any tarmac surface that is still in reasonable condition in Ebbsfleet, Gravesend and many other parts of Kent.

As well as repairing damaged and cracked areas, we can also totally transform the look and overall condition of the tarmac.

Our process starts with application of moss & algae killer (if required) which is then followed with the tarmac being jet washed at low pressure (to avoid any further disturbance of loose stones)

Once dry we would then carry out repairs to cracks and broken areas using a combination of concrete repair compound and cold lay tarmac.

To complete the tarmac restoration process we would apply two coats of Tarmaseal ™ tarmac repair coating.

Tarmaseal™ is a high quality acrylic based tarmac restoration product that will not only make the overall colour as good as new, but will replace the lost resins from the tarmac, vastly reducing the risk of further deterioration to the surface.

For a FREE quotation for tarmac restoration or tarmac repair in Greenhithe, Dartford, Rochester, Gillingham, Swanscombe or any surrounding town or village in Kent, please call 01322 279806.